Job Openings at Venture Mechanics

**Internship Opportunity: Startup Outreach and Events Coordinator

Are you passionate about the tech startup ecosystem? Are you a natural networker with a flair for event planning? Join our team at Venture Mechanics Coworking Studios and Startup Incubator in the role of Startup Community Outreach and Events Coordinator. 

About Us:
Venture Mechanics Coworking Studios and Startup Incubator is a coworking facility featuring 100% active workstations (sit-stand desks, sit-stand conference tables and treadmill desks throughout the building), and other resources like an on-site photo studio, fulfillment warehouse and makerspace. We believe "corporate wellness" shouldn't just be for employees on the main campus; it's just as important for remote/hybrid employees and startup operators. For qualified startups we also offer over 200 events per year just for them, and access to our bevy of pro-bono "venture mechanics," i.e. senior entrepreneurs who want to assist innovative startups in any way they can.

You can read more about us here.

Position Overview:
In this role you'll be performing community outreach targeting startup founders and entrepreneurs across digital media platforms. Your mission is to drive traffic to our coworking space by targeting an audience that is seeking to find coworking space, private offices, photo studio and other support . You'll also reach out to Meetup organizers across multiple tech vertical sectors that we concentrate on, to let them new about our multiple, highly affordable, and versatile classroom and event spaces. Outreach can be in the form of direct messaging through LinkedIn, social media postings, Discord channel engagement, attending other startup events in the community in person, and interacting with the investment community to learn about founders in stealth. This internship offers a hands-on opportunity to learn about startup ecosystems, community building, and event management.

- Conduct outreach to founders of tech startups, entrepreneurs, event organizers and potential sponsors in the Greater Seattle area.
- Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders in the community to foster partnerships and collaborations.
- Assist in planning and executing events, workshops, and networking sessions.
- Coordinate logistics for events, including venue arrangements, catering, and promotional materials.
- Support marketing efforts through social media, email campaigns, and content creation.
- Collaborate with the team to brainstorm innovative ideas for community engagement.

- Pursuing or having already earned a degree in Business, Marketing, Communications, Engineering, Software Development, Economics, or related fields.
- Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
- Self-motivated with a proactive approach to networking and relationship building.
- Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities.
- Passion for startups, entrepreneurship, and the tech industry.
- Familiarity with social media platforms and basic marketing principles.
- Familiarity with using a CRM to organize your contacts (we use HubSpot)

- Valuable hands-on experience in a dynamic startup environment.
- Mentorship and guidance from the venture mechanics.
- Opportunity to sit in on every event held at our space, including startup bootcamp workshops, Launchpad Expo venture conferences, various symposiums and meetups.
- Endless networking opportunities with entrepreneurs and professionals in the tech ecosystem.
- Flexible work hours to accommodate your schedule.
- Earn commissions on any new members, tenants, events or sponsors earned (12-month tail).
- Potential for future full-time opportunities based on performance.


Join us in shaping the future of innovation at Venture Mechanics Coworking Studios and Startup Incubator!