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Venture Mechanics Mentor

Andrew Beavers

Founder Leaner Startups 

Leaner Startups Discord

Andrew Beavers, a Seattle native, has dedicated his life to guiding aspiring entrepreneurs and fostering innovation in the tech world. Born in the Pacific Northwest, he's deeply rooted in the local tech ecosystem.

Andrew's journey began with a love for computers and coding. His journey includes developing sophisticated candidate matching algorithms, developing AI to help users achieve upward mobility in the job market, and creating platforms for startup and investment events.

What truly sets Andrew apart is his commitment to mentorship. He's on a mission to empower and inspire fellow entrepreneurs. Through consulting and mentorship, he shares insights gained from his own experiences, his clients, and his mentors. He firmly believes in the potential of technology to transform lives and is here to guide the next generation of innovators..

Andrew Beavers is not just an entrepreneur; he's a mentor and catalyst for change. His mentorship journey embodies the spirit of possibility and the boundless opportunities that await those who dare to dream and pursue their passions.

Mentor Interests:

Marketing · Operations Management · Business Strategy · Coaching · Marketing Strategy · Strategy Consulting

Some of our mentors hold office hours and are available to book meetings with for members of our incubator program. If you are interested in scheduling time with our mentorship team, please use the Archie app. Apply to be a member of our incubator program to get started.

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