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CBRE Real Estate Services 

Our team provides "Best in Class" tenant representation/business occupancy services to our clients locally, nationally and internationally. We are a deeply experienced team with a diverse skill sets, recognized within CBRE, by our peers and most importantly, by our clients for providing superior transaction management services.

Jacob Hamlin

Our goal is to help all clients execute the right real estate strategy for their business with an emphasis on minimizing risk, retaining flexibility and reducing costs. We are eager to work with Venture Mechanics early stage startups when they're getting close to funding and about to outgrow the Coworking Studios. CBRE is also the official real estate partner assisting VMCS with expanding with its unique startup incubator business model into additional buildings in the Puget Sound area.


Leaner Startups

Leaner Startups is a community-driven platform dedicated to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators. We provide a range of resources and support to help our users turn their ideas into reality, while providing a space for investors and entrepreneurs to post and hold events. These events include conferences, workshops, hackathons, networking events, and more. Whether you're just starting out, looking to take your business to the next level, or an investor looking for more investment opportunities, Leaner Startups is here to help you succeed

Kaitlyn Laborn

Our mission is to foster collaboration and innovation in the technology industry, connecting emerging talent with mentors, investors, and industry experts. We aim to reduce the barriers of entry and the cost of making these things happen, creating a more accessible and equitable startup ecosystem for all. 

ACCNTNT Financial Advisor

Practicing the power of compounding time, Renatta ("Ren-yacht-ta") is a Financial Controller Advisor who loves to explore and build the most effective and time-enhancing financial processes. Holding a degree in Management and in Accounting, she compounds deliverables with considerations in user experience, compliance, and strategic insights. She has more than a decade of combined experience in entrepreneurship, management and financial operations. When she’s not working hard she is following her interests in economics, nutrigenomics, and emerging tech. 

Renatta Fairbanks


SURF Incubator (Seattle)

Since 2009, SURF Incubator has been at the forefront of providing flexible office solutions, catering to the dynamic needs of startups and Fortune 100 companies alike. We are passionate about fostering innovation, collaboration, and economic growth within Seattle's vibrant tech scene. Our mission is to create a dynamic and supportive environment where entrepreneurs, startups, and professionals can thrive and transform their ideas into reality.

Seaton Gras

Seaton Gras has been running SURF since its inception and is a veteran serial entrepreneur and ardent supporter of the Puget Sound startup community himself. With post-pandemic trends being what they are, SURF has been transitioning to a focus on running startup-oriented events in downtown Seattle. Learn more about SURF's event spaces by clicking below. 

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