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This will be an uncommon opportunity to meet inspiring entrepreneurs and investors in our local community, whether female, black, latino, or even LGBT or native American, who all together still represent a minority of venture capital investments in the USA. Help us, help them, to change the status quo by participating in this event.

Joining us for the keynote speaker for this event, we have Robert Fredericks, Founder of Sirqul.

Join us for compelling panels focused on the challenges and the solutions developed by fellow founders. Join the collaborative movement and enrich your professional network.

Doors open at 5pm. Summit formally begins at 5:450pm. Company presentations will run from 7pm-8:30pm. Companies will have their own demo tables in the mixer area... you are welcome to stay for the after party mixer, meet the founders personally, and meet the other guests. Light snacks and beverages will be served.

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Ron Wiener

Founder and CEO,
Venture Mechanics

As founder, CEO, Chairman and "Chief Mechanic" of the Bellevue-headquartered Venture Mechanics Startup Launchpad, Ron brings four decades of experience as a tech startup CEO and 25 years as an investor. This is his fourth incubator operation during those 25 years.

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Chris Manderino

Founder and CEO,
Amelia Network

Amelia Network is a 12 month invite-only cohort of established women CEOs and Founders working together to scale their businesses first to $1M, then to $20M while supporting each other with practical, tangible feedback.

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Jamar Montgomery

Public Speaker,
FINRA Arbitrator

I'm a passionate advocate for the transformative power of blockchain, AI, and their applications in the modern world. With a background deeply rooted in politics, law, and crypto, I've dedicated my career to educating and empowering individuals on how these technologies can revolutionize their everyday lives.


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