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Latino Founders and Funders Group

Stay Tuned for the First Meetup Date!

Venture Mechanics is committed to supporting diversity groups and passion groups to help these communities connect with each other (collectively, “identity groups”). In particular, we are focused on connecting venture-scale startup founders with each other, and with investors who specifically seek to invest in the respective demographic group. We also use the term Founders & Founders groups interchangeably.

(While we welcome microenterprise entrepreneurs, they often have existing groups available to join through their chamber of commerce, etc., that would likely be more appropriate to their interests. These are good groups to partner with to identify venture-scale entrepreneurs within them who might want to join our meetings.)

VM will supply all the basic infrastructure for these groups to form up and hold their meetings, without the need for creating a separate legal entity, finding governors, arranging a venue, raising funds, filing returns and reports, etc. In other words, we are leveraging a “rapid start” methodology that is common to all the F&F groups. While still relatively new, it has seen a lot of refinement since the first BFF meeting in January of 2024. 

See the Diversity Groups page on

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