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Welcome to Our “Venture Studio” Membership Program

Are you a micro VC fund with under $25M in capital under management, looking to enhance your operations and create meaningful connections with your portfolio companies? Venture Mechanics is excited to introduce our revolutionary "Virtual Studio Memberships" tailored exclusively for micro VC funds like yours.

The Challenge for Micro VC Funds: Remote Work Realities

In today's dynamic business landscape, many small funders operate with their partners working remotely, just like their startup founder teams. While this offers flexibility, it also poses challenges for spending quality hands-on time with portfolio companies. Unlike larger venture funds with physical offices, micro VCs are often unable to provide their portfolio companies any flex space for efficient collaboration.

The Venture Mechanics Solution: Your Virtual Headquarters

As a Venture Studios member both your staff and your founder teams will gain complete 24x7 access to our state-of-the-art 10,000 sq. ft. facility in Bellevue. Our "Virtual Studio Memberships" empower micro VC funds to utilize our facilities as their own, with even the option to use our address as their official corporate address.

Membership Packages:

Bulk pack of discounted credits can be purchased in increments of $500. Because of the built-in discounts, each of these packs is actually worth $600 to $1000 in coworking memberships, private office and conference room rentals, event tickets, course tuitions, and more, depending on what they're used for.
Discounts: Your staff and your founder teams will get automatic 20% discounts on all event tickets, hotdesk and conference room usage, photo studio and other products and services offered at VMCS. They will also enjoy 50% discounts on all Startup Bootcamp courses. (Discounts do not apply only to the large event space rentals.)
Standard amenities featured in all Venture Mechanics memberships include:
  • Free parking
  • Full-sized 30x48 state-of-the-art sit-stand workstations
  • Community kitchen
  • Ergonomic accessories including standing mats, balance boards and desk cycles
  • Interchangeable monitor on ergonomic monitor arm
  • Desktop power modules
  • Premium ergonomic chair
  • Free access to all treadmill desk workstations and other site amenities (Billiards, Game Room etc.)
Enroll Your VC Fund in the Venture Studios Now

Membership Benefits:

  • Flexible Workspace Solutions: Monthly membership includes fungible credits for private offices, conference rooms, coworking desks, photography studio, classroom, and event spaces. 

  • Cost-Effective Model: Micro VC funds can efficiently manage costs with a bulk purchase of credits, eliminating the need for dedicated office spaces that are rarely used. 

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Easily spend more face-to-face time with portfolio company founders without the constraints of meeting at homes or coffee shops.

  • Brand Exposure: Members enjoy continuous brand exposure through a partner page on the Venture Mechanics website and automatic inclusion in our list of sponsors that are promoted at over 100 annual events. 

  • Discounts for Portfolio Founders: Your founding teams will get automatic 20% to 50% discounts to all events and on all rentals, products and services offered at VMCS.

  • Endless Networking Opportunities: Access a vibrant community and participate in educational events, venture competitions, meetups, startup bootcamps, and angel group meetings hosted at our facility. Common areas like the billiard room allow founders to easily meet and mingle with other founders, being their own best “free consultants” on so many things. Remember, VMCS only allows venture-scale tech startups to become coworking members and office renters, creating a unique and dynamic community.

  • Advanced Ergonomics: All our desks are fully ergonomic sit-stand workstations with all the trimmings, just like your founders enjoyed when they worked at Meta or Google. Even our conference room tables are sit-stand, and there are treadmill desks available to all members, for optimal office health and productivity.

Your Path to Success Starts Here!

Venture Mechanics Coworking Studios is not just a workspace; it's a community that fosters innovation, collaboration, and success. Join us in revolutionizing the way micro VC funds operate and create lasting impacts on your portfolio companies.

Ready to elevate your venture to new heights? Contact us today to explore your Virtual Studio Membership at Venture Mechanics Coworking Studios!

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