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Coworking Memberships

How it Works

At Venture Mechanics Coworking Studios you're not just going to get a desk to work at, that desk will be a fully-ergonomic sit-stand desk with all the accessories you need to make it maximally comfortable and productive, whether you plan to work for an hour at a time or pull an all-nighter. All our sit-stand coworking desks, sit-stand meeting tables and treadmill desks are state-of-the-art, American-made iMovR workstations. Plans are available for both Hot Desk (floating workstations) and Dedicated Desk (pick the workstation you'll use every day, exclusively). 

We have also partnered with PilotoMail to bring virtual office services to our community. If you are only interested in a Commercial Business Address, learn more HERE.

  • Free parking
  • Full-sized 30x48 state-of-the-art sit-stand workstations
  • Community kitchen
  • Ergonomic accessories including standing mats, balance boards and desk cycles
  • Interchangeable monitor on ergonomic monitor arm
  • Desktop power modules
  • Premium ergonomic chair
  • Free access to all treadmill desk workstations and other site amenities (Billiards, Game Room etc.)

Service Breakdown

Liftoff Tier

Starting at $75

Orbital Tier

Starting at $149

Celestial Tier

Starting at $299

Virtual Office Address

Day Passes Included

3 Days

15 Days

30 Days

Conference Room Hours

1 Hour

2 Hours

4 Hours

Max Team Size




Inquire About a Dedicated Workstation

Day Pass: $35

Price Breakdown

By the Month




Month to Month




3 Months




6 Months




9 Months




12 Months




*All membership prices displayed represent recurring monthly charges
VM Coworking Space utilizes the "Archie Coworking" App to manage available facilities. It will be necessary for you to create an account with Archie to utilize our workspaces. You will need to receive an onboarding invitation from our team to join the community.
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