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Startup Incubator

What is the Incubator Program?

As a coworking facility, Venture Mechanics is unique in that our members and tenants are virtually 100% comprised of venture-grade startups. This creates a vibrant community, where every founder team quickly figures out that the very best advisors they can "hire" (for free) are actually going to be other founder teams going through the same challenges. We encourage not just camaraderie between the startups through frequent social gatherings, but the active sharing of best practices, contacts, and other helpful resources.

Venture Mechanics does not take equity stakes in our incubator residents, we only help facilitate connections between startups, mentors and investors. 

While you may occasionally run into a day user in the building (usually renting a conference room, the photo studio or a treadmill desk) that is not with a startup, most of your hallway and common space intersections will be with other founders working on fascinating new businesses. By limiting memberships and office rentals to venture-grade startups this also makes it easier for our mentors, investors, and other startup resource partners to be efficient in their visits to Venture Mechanics, so they can schedule meetings with multiple startups on the same day.

As a member of the Venture Mechanics community you get access to the entire startup-focused workshop and events calendar (~200 events per year) and to our mentors-in-residence. This layer of features go above and beyond inclusion in the collaborative community of startups at Venture Mechanics by providing a plethora of free resources to accelerate your startup’s progress. 

Events include everything from seminars on topics of interest to all startups, to workshops and tech demo days. These are a great opportunity to learn while networking with other founders, investors and other useful contacts. Our flagship events are called Launchpad Expos, held roughly once a month, where six or more of our member startups pitch their deals to up to 100 accredited investors. 

The mentors-in-residence program brings seasoned entrepreneurs into our facility to provide their expertise, pro bono, to startups in need. See our ever-growing roster of mentors here, and if you find one you’d like to spend some time with just email them directly to set up an appointment - we’ll provide a free conference room for you to use. 

Incubator residencies are limited by available space and bandwidth. Apply in person by scheduling a meeting with our Chief Mechanic. 

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