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Diversity Groups @ Venture Mechanics

More than any other startup community in the Pacific Northwest, Venture Mechanics is where diversity truly thrives.

We are proud to be the primary sponsor behind a growing number of DEI groups that "live on our platform." What that means is that these groups can hold their meetings at our facility, use our online and backend database resources, enjoy access to our mentor and incubator programs, participate in well over 100 events we hold annual for founders and funders, and more. 

While all of these diversity groups have other groups they may belong to already, typically these are focused on social events or small businesses. The groups hosted at Venture Mechanics are explicitly for supporting entrepreneurs that are building fast-scaling businesses, and connecting them to investors who are specifically interested in backing these founders. Founders are also the best advisors to other founders, and the connections made at these group meetings have been astoundingly beneficial. 

These are the groups presently in operation at Venture Mechanics already, or are in the process of forming right now:

We are also aligned with a number of angel groups and micro VC funds that are specifically interested in DEI investing, including:

If diversity is your thing be sure to never miss our quarterly Summit for Under-represented Founder Groups, the most popular events at Venture Mechanics!

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