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Venture Mechanics Mentor

Lawrence Norman

Fractional Technical Advisor at EdXeno - Director of Software mChatAI, WavelyDx, AbleMedical, LoopStar, TouchLanguage

I'm currently a fractional Technical Advisor at EdXeno, and have been CTO & Director of Software a number of startups over the years: mChatAI, WavelyDx, AbleMedical, LoopStar, TouchLanguage.  As well as having decades of experience as a Software Manager at Nuance communications and Microsoft.   

With over 20 years of experience in software app engineering and management, I have a proven ability to lead teams and innovate with cutting-edge technologies, including AI and ChatGPT. My expertise lies in integrating these technologies and steering complex projects towards success.

Mentor Interests:

Software Development, Leadership, AWS, Firebase, Google Cloud Functions and
Analytics, Apple Vision AI, SpeechKit, Cloud Dev, Microsoft Azure

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