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Venture Mechanics Mentor

Vincent Kovář

Full-Stack Marketing | Web3 Gaming | 3 Years Blockchain | 15 years Marcoms | Applied AI

Vincent is a seasoned marketing professional with a remarkable track record in the web3 space. As the VP of Marketing at The NFT Gaming Company, Vincent spearheaded a successful go-to-market strategy for, a Web3 gaming platform with 18 multi-genre titles. As employee #3, he helped the company to its NASDAQ IPO, one of the first NFT games to achieve this. Vincent's expertise in creative direction, market positioning, and communications laid a solid foundation for the platform's in-game economy and overall success.


Prior to this, Vincent held the position of VP of Marketing at PlayOn Game Marketing. Vincent's innovative approach introduced two impactful programs, (influencer streaming) and Gamewatch analytics, providing data-driven, actionable insights. His efforts attracted major clients, such as HP Omen, Intel GAP, Lenovo Legion, Alienware Arena, and Steel Series, reaching over 2 million online gamers and a presence in more than 250 LAN centers.

Vincent's expertise extends beyond the web3 space. As the Head of Marketing at Trapdoor Technologies, Vincent crafted comprehensive product marketing strategies that resulted in double-digit monthly subscription growth for the mobile app Playbook for Pathfinder, licensed from Paizo.

Additionally, as a Marketing Creative Producer at Wizards of the Coast, Vincent led brand copy efforts for renowned billion dollar titles like Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons (5e), and Avalon Hill, growing revenue by 45%.

In addition to his achievements in the gaming industry, Vincent's has been an entrepreneur. As a co-founder and VP of the Cha Dao Tea Company, Vincent successfully took the start-up from a home stove-top to distribution in all 50 US states in only two years, securing retail partnerships with retailers like Krogers and Whole Foods, before selling to Coca-Cola. 

Vincent has also consulted on emerging tech adoption specifically in the global launch of Adobe's Creative Cloud (SaaS) as well as mobile apps at T-Mobile, USA, overseeing a vast implementation of 15,000 in call centers and 4,700+ retail locations.

Mentor Interests:

Brand Consulting • Educational Consulting • Marketing Consulting • Video Production • Content Marketing • Content Strategy • Demand Generation • Digital Marketing • Email Marketing • Growth Marketing

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