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VMS Hybrid Arts Gallery

The Arts Live at Venture Mechanics

Venture Mechanics operates several open gallery slots throughout our 10,000 sq ft building in Bellevue, WA. We are proud to work with the robust creative community her in the PNW.

We have partnered with the  LoCA Arts platform, as well as independent local artists and organizations in the area. We welcome artists into our space for 3 month gallery commitments with exhibition shows scheduled monthly to welcome new creatives. This gives all the artists we work with multiple opportunities to showcase their work in an active event space that regularly works with the entrepreneurial community and the investors that fund them. 

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Current Exhibiting Artists

Jan-Mar 2024

Janet Wilson

Seattle, United States

Janet is a self-taught painter who began working in fine art as an adult. The inspiration for her paintings comes from many sources. Often it is from a photo of a particular scene to which she was attracted or with abstracts, it is often a focus on how the paint reacts or what it can show her when mixed or used in various ways. Her paintings are also influenced by other artists and mentors whose work she admires. Janet enjoys thinking about composition, light, and the feeling it evokes in a particular place and time.
As with most artists, Janet believes that painting teaches her a great deal about herself – what she is feeling and trying to achieve at a moment in time. Janet does not focus on only one technique or subject matter. She hopes her work portrays a need and curiosity for continuous learning and transition as an artist.

Gallery Preview:

Feb-Apr 2024

f5.6 Photography Group

Pacific Northwest

The f/5.6 Group started back in 1996 by a small group of art photography creators that were not interested in the equipment used as much as the pictures being made. This small group of four friends, with an idea grew into a much larger fine art photography collective of over 70 members by the time it was disbanded in 2015. Since then, the f/5.6 Group stayed in touch via email and the very infrequent gatherings of some of the hold-overs.

Fast forward to today, and with the energy of the start-up founders at Venture Mechanics and art advocates in Bellevue, the “f/5.6 Group” exhibition was mounted to demonstrate that the Puget Sound photography community is still active doing great work. Artist Philip Malkin approached TJ Lamb during a meet and great of the BelRed Community Art Alliance and hatched the plan to exhibit visual artists at Venture Mechanic’s offices. They agreed that the inaugural exhibit theme would be art and technology to echo the mission of Venture Mechanics.


​The current exhibition has been curated by Philip Malkin, associate of the f/5.6 Group and TJ Lamb, fellow creative and Community Director at Venture Mechanics. 

Participating artists include:

Jan Bogel

Alan Chait

Monika Danos

Ron Hammond

Sally Kim-Miller

Louise Katzman Kurabi

Philip Malkin

and Christopher Petrich.

Gallery Preview:

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