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​This will be an uncommon opportunity to meet inspiring entrepreneurs and investors in our local community, whether female, black, latino, or even LGBT or native American, who all together still represent a minority of venture capital investments in the USA. Help us, help them, to change the status quo by participating in this event.

​Join us for compelling panels focused on the challenges and the solutions developed by fellow founders. Join the collaborative movement and enrich your professional network.


Dr. Jamar Montgomery

Chris Manderino

​Ron Wiener

Keynote Speaker:

Aina Abiodun, President & Executive Director, VertueLab


​Panelists for The Many Ways Women Can Invest in Women:

Moderator: Chris Manderino, Founder & CEO Amelia Network

Maria Kolby-Wolfe, President & CEO at Washington Women’s Foundation 

Sarah Studer, Former Director of Platform, Techstars Seattle

Winona (Rennick) Kantamaneni, Assistant Director of Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership UW

Laura Clise, CEO & Founder Intentionalist


​Panelists for Building Your Marketplace From Your Community:

Moderator: Dr. Jamar Montgomery, International Speaker

Dei’Marlon Scisney, Actionable Insights Data (AID)

Yolanda Barton, Founder of Revere XR

Arry Yu, Yellow Umbrella Ventures

Rosalinda Mendoza, Mocel Mezcal


Presenting Companies:

DOPL (Dr. Ryan James)

Revere XR (Yolanda Barton)

Ethology (Dei'Marlon Scisney)



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