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Venture Mechanics Mentor

Adam Philipp

Founder and IP Patent Attorney - AEON Law

AEON Law’s Founder, Adam Philipp, is a strategic advisor focusing on innovative solutions for creators, entrepreneurs, and C-suite executives.

Adam advises clients on everything from intellectual property creation and enforcement to tools for business growth in technologies, including computer science, electrical devices, consumer products, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptography, and cybersecurity.

Interest in the Intersection Between Tech and the Law

Fascinated with the intersection between technology and the law, Adam understands that issues like privacy, identity, and authenticity are magnified in the digital realm.

Blockchain is a hot topic today. But many don’t know that back in the 1990s, the predecessor of blockchain was beginning to be used to authenticate transactions. Adam knows about it because he was there. In those days, he was one of only a handful of lawyers at the forefront of cryptographic policy discussions. Today, as many law firms struggle to grasp developments in crypto and blockchain, Adam continues to use his longstanding expertise to assist clients in developing, using, and protecting new and resourceful ways to use technology to solve problems.

Focus on Educating Clients

Adam believes all of his clients deserve to understand how their IP tools will work for them; and AEON Law’s business model is carefully designed with this in mind. The firm’s flat fees and consultation process meet this goal by providing an informative approach with predictable budgets.

Adam also enjoys helping large and established clients navigate the sometimes-troublesome waters that every major company inevitably faces and avoid conflict. He is personally and professionally invested in the success of his clients, sitting on the boards of several client companies.

Adam employs his creativity and bent toward education in his free time as well, advising competitors and judging business plan competitions with local universities as well as pursuing an avid avocation in photography.

“Common Sense, Candid, Quirky, and Creative”

Adam describes his style as “common sense, candid, quirky, and creative.” For example, he once was asked to provide a presentation on networking. Instead of using a boilerplate PowerPoint presentation, Adam hired a comic-book artist to illustrate slides for a presentation he called “Networking: The RPG (or, Everything I Need to Know About Networking I Learned Playing D&D).”

Adam says he and his team embrace the geeky side of IP law. If you come to AEON’s office for an in-person consultation, you might notice artwork the firm specially commissioned from local artists to encourage a collaborative space. You also might see a conference room named “Gondor” and the copier “Sauron,” (you have been warned) after locations and characters in Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings.”

With his experience, creativity, and technical know-how, Adam is the kind of business-savvy geek you want to guide your company through complicated matters.

Mentor Interests:

Patent, Intellectual Property, Trademark, Brand, Copyright, invention

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