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Venture Mechanics Mentor

Angie Parker

Chief of Staff | Startups | Strategy | Veteran

As a Chief of Staff and StartupOps expert, I help founders regain their most precious resource- time. As a former Air Force aviator, I prioritize a growth mindset and action-oriented leadership, and I value integrity and empathy.

"The challenge we all face is maintaining the benefits of breadth, diverse experience, interdisciplinary thinking, and delayed concentration in a world that increasingly incentivizes, even demands, hyperspecialization." (Range, by David Epstein)

My interests include sustainability, aviation, space, tech, AI, sports, and building/tinkering. I get jazzed by mentoring and helping others, and if you've read this far, let's grab a coffee ☕️!

Mentor Interests:

Strategic Thinking • Creative Problem Solving • Communication • Entrepreneurship

Some of our mentors hold office hours and are available to book meetings with for members of our incubator program. If you are interested in scheduling time with our mentorship team, please use the Archie app. Apply to be a member of our incubator program to get started.

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