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Venture Mechanics Mentor

Charles Finkelstein

Product, Engineering, Marketing Management Leader; Partners, Strategy, Evangelism; Dig Transformation, Innovation

Charles is a seasoned angel investor, startup consultant acoach and mentor. He has nearly  40 years of experience as an award-winning Program, Product, and Solutions executive leader  driving innovative cross-organization programs, projects, products, pilots, architecture, partner ecosystems, and solutions. 

He's an 18 year Microsoft veteran exec, with leadership roles at Salesforce, startups and government.   Inventor of 18+ patents in AI, automation, infrastructure, media, data management. privacy, internet, blockchain and cloud with AI.  He experienced in offshore developemtn, leading large international groups, maanging direct reports, managers, teams, vendors, and partners. 

Mentor Interests:

AI, Automation, Infrastructure, Media, Data Management, Privacy, Internet, Blockchain and cloud with AI

Some of our mentors hold office hours and are available to book meetings with for members of our incubator program. If you are interested in scheduling time with our mentorship team, please use the Archie app. Apply to be a member of our incubator program to get started.

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