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Venture Mechanics Mentor

Dana Sather Robinson

Pitch Trainer, Pitch Coach, Angel Investor

Dana helps founders to give pitches with impact, clarity, and authenticity. She works with founders raising their seed or Series A and up rounds to give great pitches to the right investors.

A diversity of life and work experience gives Dana unique perspectives. She has lived in several different countries and worked with people and teams in companies from a broad spectrum of sectors – from large financial companies to cleantech entrepreneurs. This breadth and depth gives Dana the ability to help you craft messages that resonate and to teach you to communicate them with impact and authenticity.

Dana emphasizes how to make the most of your natural conversational style - whether in a large group, small meeting and even on line – to be memorable and keep your listeners engaged.

Mentor Interests:

Public Speaking • Corporate Training • Training

Pitch4Impact Pitch Coaching

Some of our mentors hold office hours and are available to book meetings with for members of our incubator program. If you are interested in scheduling time with our mentorship team, please use the Archie app. Apply to be a member of our incubator program to get started.

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