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Venture Mechanics Mentor

David Garner

Co-Founder | Entrepreneur | AI and Data-driven Healthcare Innovator

I'm an experienced Executive, Marketer, Salesmen, and Engineer using tech for the common good. I've worked in big companies and small. My category experience spans hardware, software and services. I love a challenge, working on the bleeding edge of innovation, and I'm most passionate when I'm solving problems that I know will make a meaningful difference in society.

My last role was as co-founder of a startup incubated out of the Allen Institute for AI (AI2) CalmWave, which is focused on using AI to tackle clinician burnout. Before joining CalmWave, I held senior positions at Butterfly Network, Philips Healthcare, Verathon Medical, and Vave Health, where I led teams and projects that delivered innovative and customer-centric products. I've raised nearly $300m in total funding, launched products that won multiple awards, and helped develop and build the POCUS division at Philips. I have patents in wireless & endoscopic ultrasound, vital signs monitoring, and clinical decision support. I am also an investor, board member, and advisor for several organizations that share my vision of making the world a better place through innovation and collaboration. I am on an impact-driven mission and I hope to work with others who are too.

If you're looking for an Advisor or Board member, a Executive Partner/Co-Founder for your startup, or you need my consulting services...reach out.

Mentor Interests:

Management • Business Strategy • Sales • Marketing • Branding & Identity

Some of our mentors hold office hours and are available to book meetings with for members of our incubator program. If you are interested in scheduling time with our mentorship team, please use the Archie app. Apply to be a member of our incubator program to get started.

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