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Venture Mechanics Mentor

Sierra Harding

Social Scientist & Startup Enthusiast

Dr. Sierra Harding received her PhD in Archaeology from the University of Haifa in 2023. Her dissertation explored the biogeography, mobility, and maritime ecology of animals in the premodern Mediterranean region by studying faunal remains from archaeological sites using quantitative archaeozoological methods. Inspired by the startup culture in Israel, Dr. Harding applied an entrepreneurial spirit to her doctoral studies. She has observed many parallels between tech startups and scientific research, such as the  processes of ideation, experimentation, problem-solving, niche creation, securing funding, etc.

Dr. Harding is currently fascinated by research themes related to the social science of startups and is a regular contributor to Venture Mechanics Launchpad Press. 

Mentor Interests:

Data Analysis, Scientific Writing, Strategy, Content Writing, Publication, Grant Writing

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